Sole traders

What can you expect?

From prompt answers to queries on national insurance contributions to setting you up on digital software and helping you learn the ropes, we offer sole traders comprehensive support from start to finish.

If you’ve got an idea for a business you want to get off the ground, we’ll get you up and running in next to no time. 

We can register your business with HMRC and fully inform you of your ongoing responsibilities, including what you can claim as expenses. 

Part of being a responsible sole trader involves keeping accurate records of any income and expenses your business incurs.

Using digital accounting software, it’s easy to track every sale and every bit of income, record expenses and keep notes on your personal income.

It will be these records that are used when the time comes to prepare your tax return.

Cloud software also makes it easier to submit clear invoices – vital for encouraging prompt payments – and keep track of who owes you what, in real time.

As you are classed as self-employed in the eyes of HMRC, you will need to submit a tax return by midnight on 31 January each year. 

If you have kept accurate digital records, filing your tax return will be quick and easy for us to take care of.

At Almar, our processes ensure you pay the correct amount of income tax and national insurance for the tax year.