Telling tales of successful completed work

At the end of a successful project, we like to ask our clients, “what are we like to work with?” Here are some of their answers.

“Our company Invoke has been with Almar BSL for so many years now I have lost count. Ali at Almar BSL always has time and constructive advice for all the accountancy issues we face and more…

He is always our first port of call before we do anything with our business regarding how to manage the accounting, there is no question, we just would not function as a business without his help.”

Mrs. Kate Griffiths

Invoke Ltd

“I recently moved one of my companies to Almar BSL and within three months I had moved all four of my companies. After one year I asked him to manage my personal tax affairs. Ali at Almar BSL is always responsive and efficient and manages the businesses in a seamless way.

I recommend you make the switch.”

Mr. Doug Ker

Born In The Sun

“We have been with Almar Business Solutions for several years now and could not be happier. Ali’s attention to detail, personalised service and extensive knowledge is one of a kind. Knowing that our company finances are in such capable hands makes us sleep well at night and we consider Ali at Almar BSL to be key to the success of our business.”

Katrin Nuernberger

Sugar Free Londoner

“We have had the privilege of entrusting our accounting needs to Almar since 2000, and it has been an exceptional experience. Their professionalism and efficiency have been consistent throughout the years, resolving any issues or queries promptly. Ali, in particular, possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of accounting, yet remains approachable and easy to work with.

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Almar BSL’s services to any prospective client seeking reliable and expert accounting solutions. Dealing with Ali has been an absolute pleasure, and we continue to rely on his expertise with complete confidence.”

Mrs. Amina Sirry

54 Queensgate Terrace Residents Association Ltd

“Almar BSL became The Finchley Society’s Independent Examiner in 2017 and its Treasurer in 2018.

Throughout this time I have found them to be a highly efficient, reliable and dependable accountant. Ali at Almar BSL has guided the Society through many ups and downs and is always ready to provide helpful advice when required. I hope he remains our Treasurer for many years to come.”

Mrs. Rosemary Coates

The Finchley Society

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Ali and Almar Business Solutions.

Having used them for several years as my personal accountants I found them to be supportive, smart thinking and very responsive. It was therefore an easy choice when I set up my own new design consultancy to ask Almar to come on board as our accountant.

Ali’s advice at the early stages of setting up the business has proved invaluable, and he has put in place a series of systems and methodologies of working that have proved simple to use while offering reassurance that all accounting and legal requirements are covered.

He remains easily contactable and offers sound advice when required and special mention goes to his bookkeeping team who micromanage our transactions and invoicing on a daily basis.

I have already introduced Almar Business Solutions to a few of my business colleagues and would wholeheartedly recommend him as a safe pair of hands and wise counsel.”

Mark Brown

Mark Brown Studio

Almar BSL has been acting as our accountant for a good number of years, over which time we have benefited greatly from their guidance and infinite experience.

Friendly, approachable and eternally patient, we have no hesitation in recommending Ali at Almar BSL and the service he provides.

In fact, we already have and will continue to do so. Thank you, Ali!

Paul Dodridge

Paul Dodridge Building Services

I have been running by leadership development company for 16 years and have had accountants doing their bit re-submitting my accounts and giving me advice on requests.

When Almar BSL became my accounting provider, there was a palpable difference.

First: Ali and his colleagues are very well-informed about the latest tax developments and are proactive in offering advice and information that I have not received previously. This included tax relief being available for my type of business on specific capital items. I was therefore able to upgrade a number of ICT platforms which has saved me time and effort and made my business more professional to customers.

Second: Ali is a creative thinker and is excellent as a sounding board when thinking about where to take my business in the future. He has lots of interesting suggestions and makes connections between the businesses he serves, potentially adding value as there are possible business opportunities to be had from this.

Third: He presents high-quality data for HMRC and patiently explains the accounts to me at regular briefings, raising issues and giving me choices on which I can make sound business decisions.

I feel for the first time, I have met a team that can not just service my needs but surpass my expectations and take the worry of financial detail and information from me.

Ali has the knack for making the complex simple. That is an art!

I cannot recommend Ali and his team more highly!

Claire Chidley

Create Tomorrow Today Ltd

“We STRONGLY recommend Almar BSL. We struggled with our previous accountant & came to Ali with numerous problems which he immediately sorted out for us. He’s guided us through everything with our business and now we feel confident about where we are headed. Ali is incredibly genuine & personable, and nothing is ever too much to ask. When I’ve not fully understood something or am feeling a bit stressed, he patiently goes through it as many times as needed. They’re easy to work with, very efficient and great communicators. Their knowledge is second to none and they always go above & beyond. We feel grateful, and very safe in their capable hands!”

Andrea Reid

AT Reid Consulting Ltd

“Ali at Almar BSL gave us great advice and helped us to quickly set up a company and implement the accounting processes. He always responds quickly, is knowledgeable and very friendly to calls and emails for questions regarding our accounts has time and constructive advice for all the accountancy issues we face and more…

Ali is always our first port of call before we do anything with our business regarding how to manage the accounting, there is no question, we just would not function as a business without his help.”

Rudie van Schie

MVB Book UK Ltd

“Almar BSL has been my accounting provider since 2011 and offered me great support whenever I needed it. They went over and beyond to ensure my businesses benefit from the best options available. The team at Almar BSL have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to accounting and keeps themselves constantly updated.”

Mihaela Berciu


“We couldn’t be happier with the exceptional expertise provided by Ali/Almar BSL. He goes above and beyond and is great at simplifying complex matters for us.”

Ryan Gannon

Co-founder, Scouty

“I have been a client of Almar BSL for several years now and was so pleased to find them. My previous accountants were large, corporate, and failed to be responsive and attentive to the unique challenges we faced, resulting in significant overspending by the company.
With Almar BSL, we are confident and comforted that the issues we face are being very well looked after and the added value brought to our businesses and personal tax circumstances by the firm is unsurpassed in our experience.
I have no hesitation in recommending Almar BSL to anyone looking for an excellent and personal service and peace of mind.

Alexander R (Sandy) Taylor

Fulmar Consulting Ltd

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