Cookies information

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is sent from the website to your computer. It contains information about you as a user on the website to personalise your experience. For example, to determine if you are an admin user and, if so, allow you access to the admin area of the site and the correct user profile.

Session cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to the website and will be removed when the browser window is closed. For example, when you close your browser window the relevant authentication cookie is removed and you will need to login again the next time you visit the website.

Permanent cookies are stored for a period of time and are used to identify you when you return to the site. For example, your username may be remembered on the login page.

Registration and Login

Actions such as Registration and Login require cookies to determine the permission level the site should grant to you. If you register or login to this site, cookies will be set on your device.

First Party Cookies

The following cookies are set by this website:

Wordpress cookies

PurposeCookie nameDurationIntrusion level
Cookie Consent banner

Cookie set by the UK cookie consent plugin to record that you accept the fact that the site uses cookies.

catAccCookies30 dayslow
Wordpress cookies

If you are an administrator and log into the website, various Wordpress cookies will be set for the functionality and display of the admin area interface.

wordpress_logged_in_#2 weekslow
wordpress_sec_#2 weekslow
Divi cookies

If you are an administrator and login to the website and edit content, Divi cookies will be set for various stages in the process eg editing, preview and saving changes.

et-editor-available-post-[POST ID]-bbsessionlow
et-editing-post-[POST ID]-bbsessionlow
et-saved-post-[POST ID]-bbsessionlow
et-recommend-sync-post-[POST ID]-bbsessionlow

Third party cookies

If this site has code from a Third Party site, the Third Party site may set Third Party cookies on your computer:

  • if the page with the code is viewed, eg Google Analytics, YouTube or
  • if you click the link to the Third Party site eg Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, Vimeo, AddThis.

The intrusion level of Third Party cookies vary and you should check their Privacy Policies for more details.

Google Analytics

We use this this service to improve your experience on this site.

  • The service:
    • This service runs in the background and drops one or more cookies to your computer, or handheld device. It helps us measure how you interact with our websites content by tracking your user journey and site interactions. The cookies store non-identifiable information about your browsing history, we use this data to analyse patterns and trends to help improve your experience.

  • The data Google Analytics stores about you:
    • Non-identifiable data such as, visits, pages views, time on site, and the journey you take through the site.

For more details on Google Analytics please visit their website


We use this this service to improve your experience on this site.

  • The service:
    • This service runs in the background on our site and sends one or more cookies to your computer, or handheld device to collect non-identifiable information. These cookies are used to help improve the quality of our service, including for storing user preferences and search results, as well as tracking user trends, such as pages visited.

  • The data Snowplow stores about you:
    • Your non-identifiable browsing history; including but not limited to, device type, pageviews, depth of visit, dwell time.

For more details on Snowplow please visit their website

Help Guides on Removing Cookies

The following guides can help you delete cookies stored by your browser: