Keeping things moving

A business health check isn’t something to avoid. If there’s a problem bubbling under the surface, you need to address it as soon as possible.

Having a regular business health check is no different than going to your GP. After all, if you had a pain in your side, you wouldn’t just carry on acting as if you’re okay. But even if it seems like everything is running smoothly, it’s still important to make sure.

Our check up services dive into your business’s inner workings, focusing on your cashflow and long term viability, and helping you keep a close eye on your bottom line.


Controlling your costs

Spiralling costs and rising prices are detrimental to your business’s health. Without proper management, your business spending could get out of hand — which may be difficult to recover from.

We can help you find ways to avoid this, starting with simple money management. The solution could be something as simple as changing your energy provider or switching suppliers. Perhaps it goes a bit further? If you’re waiting around for your clients to pay their invoices, that can have a severe impact on your cashflow which, in turn, damages your business’s health overall.

We won’t leave anything unchecked.


Compliance checks

Your business’s health isn’t solely based on its finances. While your money is an integral part of your operations, ensuring you’re meeting all your compliance requirements is also essential.

If you unknowingly fall behind with any of your legal obligations, you could be breaking the law. This could put your business’s future and your reputation at risk. We can conduct statutory and voluntary audits to help keep your business in check,


Analysing your culture

You can’t have a healthy business without a good business culture and team in place. Poor management can lead to a high staff turnover, increasing costs and harming overall productivity.

If there are any weaknesses in your foundation, our business health check will flag them. From there, we can recommend corrective action and offer advice on using the resources at your disposal. Investing in the right people and processes is an effective way to ensure your business has a clean bill of health.

As a prospective client, we want you to succeed. Our business health check is built for that exact reason: to minimise risk and deliver solutions that keep the heart of your business beating.

Heard enough?

To talk about what you need,  just drop us a message, and we’ll be right with you.

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