What can you expect?

Non-profit organisations are treated very differently to other businesses in the eyes of the law, and managing a charity’s accounts can present some unique challenges as a result. Careful accounting isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential – and that’s where we come in. 

Of course, Almar offers the basics of carefully managing a charity’s finances, ensuring the correct amount of tax is paid, maximising income from any assets or investments, and remaining compliant at all times. 

We go beyond that, however, by adhering to the sector of recommended practice (SORP) to provide the Charity Commission with annual sets of accounts, yearly returns and other reporting requirements. 

Carrying out due diligence when it comes to Gift Aid also forms part of our accountancy service for charities, sifting through intricate government guidance to ensure compliance. 

It’s simply not an option for charities to take their legal duties and responsibilities for granted, especially with levels of public trust at stake. We know that, you know that, so you know what type of charity accountancy service you can expect from us.