Tailored support

Running a charity so you can turn the world into a better place than you found it is admirable, but it’s also difficult. There is an almost constant constraint on your time as you strive to demonstrate sustainability, responsibility and transparency. You’re liable for the success of your organisation and your staff, too. That’s not to mention the stress of being unsure where your next funding package, or even where your paycheque, is going to come from.

As dedicated charity accountants, we understand the rules and regulations that make charity accounting so difficult. Our services combine the skills of our entire team – tax consultants, VAT advisers, investment managers, business strategists and our compliance team – to make sure your charity can continue on its mission. 

We’re here to help you achieve your goals while minimising risks and ensuring you comply with regulations. Compliance is especially important. We’re sure you know why, but, in our experience, a number of charities believe they can manage on their own, only to regret it later. Don’t let accounting or compliance problems compromise your charity.