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About Us

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond simply producing accounts and tax returns.

In over thirty years of working with a varied client base in the local are, we have established a reputation as reliable and forward-thinking accountants and business advisers.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients, and in constantly striving to improve the range and nature of that service.

We like to develop good relationships, taking the time to learn about you and your business in order to tailor our service to your needs.

When you choose us, you'll find yourself working with a team that's focused on making your financial affairs run smoothly - and on saving you money!

That makes us flexible, and able to offer you:

  • Accountancy and financial advice
  • Services that grow with your business or circumstances
  • A fresh outlook - we're a modern business facing the same challenges as our clients

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional and transparent services, constantly taking a pro-active approach - value for money services.

We have over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing, retail, restaurant, media and higher educational sector. Over the last decade, our client portfolio has grown from self employed businesses to small and medium companies and charities.

We recognise that accounting can sometimes be onerous and complicated for business owners; so our aim has always been to ensure our clients are involved in the process and understand enough about the tax, accounting and compliance without being too technically burdened. 

Our experience has been that many of the small business owners who have come to us were unhappy with their accountants, either because of the level of fees or the fact that the accountant never explained what the accounts meant. Also, where we stand apart from most of our competitors is through in-year and progress work provided for our clients at no extra charge, as opposed to the traditional end of year accounting and tax returns offered by most others.

By providing high quality of service and not charging over the top fees, we have managed to retain the business and loyalty of our customers, as well as win many new ones through word of mouth. We also works with tax specialists, investment advisers and auditors to provide clients additional services where there is a need.

In addition to providing accounting and bookkeeping services, we provide training and consultancy on Payment Card Security and Fraud Prevention, and eCommerce payment solutions.

At Almar Business Solutions, we are proud of the testimonials we are receiving from satisfied clients and would be more than happy to provide you with a few. Please let us know if you are interested in hearing some feedback from some of our clients.